Can we also get a big disease due to pigeons?

Can we also get a big disease due to pigeons?

 We consider the pigeon to be a symbol of peace, and we also consider the pigeon to be a symbol of peace. But do you know that pigeons can also cause major illness?

Pigeons have come up with major threats in the above research. Doctors also say that the beetle has an infection that can cause great damage to your lungs and you don't even notice it right away. Is.

Where there are pigeons there is a strange smell. These pigeons prefer to sit in the same place where they have been bitten, taking the form of powder when this bit is dried. And when it flutters its wings, the powder of the beet reaches our body through the breath. Which causes serious lung disease. The discovery of the pigeon has revealed that its bites can cause many diseases.

Research by a professor has found that a pigeon beats 11.5 kg during the year. As the beet dries, parasites begin to form inside it. The parasites produced in the beet spread the infection by mixing in the air. This infection causes many types of diseases. Living around pigeons and their beats can cause breathing problems, lung infections, and even allergies in humans.

Sundar Swaroop Singh, a hair sufferer living in Delhi, said the pigeons took his wife's life, adding that his wife's illness started with a stomach ache. His wife then contracted a disease caused by pigeons. Which had no cure.

Deepak Talawar, a doctor from Delhi, also said: "On the record, we now have 200 patients due to hypersensitivity. These 200 people have fallen ill due to the beat of pigeons and their wings."

Technically these diseases are known as histoplasmosis, cristococcosis, cytokosis, salmonella and listeria. According to Dr. Deepak Talawar, the symptoms of these diseases are very mild in the beginning. Symptoms include coughing, dry cough, and shortness of breath, gradual weight loss, a slight fever, and body aches. These symptoms sometimes live sometimes do not. Excessive coughing and shortness of breath. We also do a blood test to check this, which shows if you have any pigeon disease !!

In the year 2001, many countries of the world started a war against the filth of pigeons. Pigeons were also banned from sowing seeds in London's Trafalgar Square in 2001. Venice also imposed a fine in 2008 on those selling grain to birds on St. Mark's Square. When a few years ago in Catalonia pigeons also began to be fed a contraceptive called ovistop.

Learn about these miraculous benefits of anise, beneficial information

Learn about these miraculous benefits of anise, beneficial information

 Thank you for reading this miraculous benefits of aniseed for life, know the beneficial information

Anise is called the queen of cooking. There are 2 types of anise, one small and one large. Anise is used at home. Even at home we like to eat aniseed after a meal. Fennel is often used as a spice in the home.

In which it is overused in stuffed vegetables or pickles. Fennel is also considered to be very beneficial for health as it contains many types of nutrients. Anise is rich in iron, calcium, and fiber. These elements eliminate the problem of obesity and constipation.

Here are the benefits of aniseed

Anise is rich in potassium. Eating anise helps control a person's blood pressure.

Every month women have to go through menstruation. Drinking aniseed water will relieve you from pain. Aniseed water relieves pain and cramps in the abdomen during menstruation.

Aniseed water increases metabolism, which causes excess body fat to dissolve. Aniseed water should be drunk on an empty stomach in the morning. Which will help you lose weight. For this you should soak anise seeds in water overnight and consume it in the morning.

Aniseed water also cleanses the blood. For this soak a teaspoon of anise in a glass of water and keep it overnight. Take it after waking up in the morning. Fennel contains good amount of fiber, which helps in removing toxins present in the body.

If you have stomach problems, you should drink aniseed water. Fennel water is beneficial in indigestion, acidity or stomach gas problem. Aniseed water is rich in nutrients. Aniseed water is beneficial in nausea and vomiting.

Do you also have a cold or fever? Read soon

Do you also have a cold or fever? Read soon

 Do you also have a cold or fever? Read soon

With the transmission of the corona virus, winter has also begun. This can lead to an increase in the incidence of whooping cough, which can lead to coronary heart disease at this time. Today we will tell you the difference between the common flu and corona.

What is the common flu?

Often people cannot distinguish between influenza (flu) or the common cold. Most people who suffer from the common cold think they have the flu. According to experts, more than 100 viruses are responsible for colds. While there are only 4 viruses that cause seasonal flu.

When the common cold is cured in a few days. Then the flu takes time to heal. Coughing, sore throat and runny nose The flu causes headaches and fever for many days. The flu weakens the body and causes excruciating pain in the head and muscles.

Common flu symptoms:



Body aches

Dry or itchy throat

Runny nose




So children can get ear infections like diarrhea and vomiting.

How to identify corona virus:

Coronavirus sufferers have difficulty breathing. In which the lower part of the respiratory system i.e. the lungs is affected. This causes people to have a dry cough and difficulty in breathing.

Learn its features:

High fever

Trembling in the body

Dry cough


Decreased sense of smell

Redness or blisters in the fingers and toes

Sore throat or sore throat

Abdominal pain

Itching in the eyes

Try ‘Chickpea Flour Face Pack’ for Dry and Oily Skin Learn Best Tips

 Try ‘Chickpea Flour Face Pack’ for Dry and Oily Skin Learn Best Tips

We all have gram flour in our kitchen. We use chickpea flour only for eating. But did you know that chickpea flour is also used to whiten beauty? In earlier times, women used chickpea flour for eating as well as for mouth and hair.

We often see that certain things can only be used for certain skin types. But the special thing about chickpea flour is that it can be used for all skin types. Chickpea flour can be used as a face pack. This face pack shows all types of skin and dermatological wonders.

Let us know about 7 face packs of chickpea flour

To remove tanning

Chickpea flour is considered to be the most powerful for removing tanning. Mix 4 almond powder, lemon juice, 1 teaspoon milk and chickpea flour to make a pack to remove tanning. Apply this face pack on face for 30 minutes. Wash your face after this. Doing this experiment every day for a few days will remove the tanning.

For oily skin

If your skin is oily, then adopt this face pack. Make a paste by mixing yogurt, rose water and chickpea flour to make a face pack. Applying this pack will clear the dirt from the skin and make the skin soft.

For dry skin

The problem of skin dryness has become common in winter. Chickpea flour is a cure for this problem. Mix cream or milk, honey and crushed turmeric in chickpea flour to make this face pack. Then apply this face pack on the face for 15 to 20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. Applying chana flour gives natural nourishment to the skin and also brightens the skin.

To get rid of acne

Apply this face pack to people who suffer from acne. To make this face pack, mix sandal powder, turmeric and milk and prepare a face pack. Apply this face pack and leave it for 20 minutes. Then wash your face with water. Do this remedy 3 times a week. Apart from this, adding honey to chickpea flour also removes the problem.

For open holes

Chickpea flour is beneficial for keeping open pores and skin clean. People who have open pores should try this face pack. Get cucumber juice in chickpea flour for this facepack. Then apply this on facepackneface. After it dries for a while, wash it off with cold water. Doing this every day will eliminate the problem of open pores.

To remove blackness of the throat and armpits

Today we often hear talk of armpit and throat blackness from the mouths of women. There are many remedies for this. So because women do not pay attention to the cleaning of the armpits and throat, the skin color becomes dark. Take this remedy to remove armpit and throat blackness. Prepare the pack by adding curd and turmeric in the chickpea flour. Apply this pack to the area where there is blackness. Wash off after 30 minutes. After washing, massage with sesame oil.

To remove unwanted facial hair

If you have unwanted hair on your face and you do not want to be bleached, then chana flour is a quick cure. Add a little lemon juice to the chickpea flour, add a drop of water and make a paste. Apply this paste on the area where there is unwanted hair. After leaving for a while, when the paste dries, wash your face with water. You can also get fenugreek powder in this paste.

Swadeshi Tooter has come to compete with Twitter, it looks like copy of Twitter

Swadeshi Tooter has come to compete with Twitter, it looks like copy of Twitter

 Twitter has come to give competition to the indigenous social network Tooter. Will you join Tooter? People are getting different opinions about Tooter on micro blogging website.

Many people are making fun of it by saying it is a copy of Twitter, while many are giving it a chance to join everyone in the interest of the country by calling it indigenous. However, it looks like a copy of Twitter.

Tooter's color scheme and style inspired by Twitter or, say, copy looks like. However, the conch is made here instead of the Twitter bird.

What is a tooter and what is its moto?

Tooter claims that it is built in India and is an indigenous social network. It is written in the About section of Tooter, 'We are sure that India should have its own indigenous social network. Without it, we are just a digital colony of the American Twitter India Company, it is no different from the British East India Company. Tutor is our Swadeshi movement 2.0 '

On Twitter, too, a Twitter-like verification badge is being given a blue tick. A Twitter user named Venket Anant has tweeted some screenshots. In these screenshots, verified Tooter profiles of PM Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Sadguru and some prominent people are seen.

On Twitter, users are telling that as soon as they sign up for Tooter, the CEO of Tooter will himself be followed by your account. It is being told that many film stars also have accounts on this platform.

Tooter's CEO's account on Twitter, will get money for promoting ..

Tooter Pvt. Ltd. The CEO is Nanda and his account is also on Twitter. They say that if any Twitter user has more than 5,000, then they can earn money by promoting Tooter.

The CEO of Tooter has given his email id in his bio. It has been said that contact to promote it and you can also earn from it.

Mims are being shared ..

Many mimes related to Indian Tooter are also being shared on micro-blogging website Twitter. It is being tried in most of the memes that it is a copy of Twitter.

Tooter is open source ..

According to the Tooter website, the platform is open source and inspired by the Mastodon project. Tooter's codebase is free and open source.

According to this website, Tooter is under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 (APGL3). According to the recorded details, users can manage it in their own way.

Tooter's Android is currently available on the Play Store. Tooter's app for iOS has not been released yet.