Can we also get a big disease due to pigeons?

 We consider the pigeon to be a symbol of peace, and we also consider the pigeon to be a symbol of peace. But do you know that pigeons can also cause major illness?

Pigeons have come up with major threats in the above research. Doctors also say that the beetle has an infection that can cause great damage to your lungs and you don't even notice it right away. Is.

Where there are pigeons there is a strange smell. These pigeons prefer to sit in the same place where they have been bitten, taking the form of powder when this bit is dried. And when it flutters its wings, the powder of the beet reaches our body through the breath. Which causes serious lung disease. The discovery of the pigeon has revealed that its bites can cause many diseases.

Research by a professor has found that a pigeon beats 11.5 kg during the year. As the beet dries, parasites begin to form inside it. The parasites produced in the beet spread the infection by mixing in the air. This infection causes many types of diseases. Living around pigeons and their beats can cause breathing problems, lung infections, and even allergies in humans.

Sundar Swaroop Singh, a hair sufferer living in Delhi, said the pigeons took his wife's life, adding that his wife's illness started with a stomach ache. His wife then contracted a disease caused by pigeons. Which had no cure.

Deepak Talawar, a doctor from Delhi, also said: "On the record, we now have 200 patients due to hypersensitivity. These 200 people have fallen ill due to the beat of pigeons and their wings."

Technically these diseases are known as histoplasmosis, cristococcosis, cytokosis, salmonella and listeria. According to Dr. Deepak Talawar, the symptoms of these diseases are very mild in the beginning. Symptoms include coughing, dry cough, and shortness of breath, gradual weight loss, a slight fever, and body aches. These symptoms sometimes live sometimes do not. Excessive coughing and shortness of breath. We also do a blood test to check this, which shows if you have any pigeon disease !!

In the year 2001, many countries of the world started a war against the filth of pigeons. Pigeons were also banned from sowing seeds in London's Trafalgar Square in 2001. Venice also imposed a fine in 2008 on those selling grain to birds on St. Mark's Square. When a few years ago in Catalonia pigeons also began to be fed a contraceptive called ovistop.