Swadeshi Tooter has come to compete with Twitter, it looks like copy of Twitter

 Twitter has come to give competition to the indigenous social network Tooter. Will you join Tooter? People are getting different opinions about Tooter on micro blogging website.

Many people are making fun of it by saying it is a copy of Twitter, while many are giving it a chance to join everyone in the interest of the country by calling it indigenous. However, it looks like a copy of Twitter.

Tooter's color scheme and style inspired by Twitter or, say, copy looks like. However, the conch is made here instead of the Twitter bird.

What is a tooter and what is its moto?

Tooter claims that it is built in India and is an indigenous social network. It is written in the About section of Tooter, 'We are sure that India should have its own indigenous social network. Without it, we are just a digital colony of the American Twitter India Company, it is no different from the British East India Company. Tutor is our Swadeshi movement 2.0 '

On Twitter, too, a Twitter-like verification badge is being given a blue tick. A Twitter user named Venket Anant has tweeted some screenshots. In these screenshots, verified Tooter profiles of PM Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Sadguru and some prominent people are seen.

On Twitter, users are telling that as soon as they sign up for Tooter, the CEO of Tooter will himself be followed by your account. It is being told that many film stars also have accounts on this platform.

Tooter's CEO's account on Twitter, will get money for promoting ..

Tooter Pvt. Ltd. The CEO is Nanda and his account is also on Twitter. They say that if any Twitter user has more than 5,000, then they can earn money by promoting Tooter.

The CEO of Tooter has given his email id in his bio. It has been said that contact to promote it and you can also earn from it.

Mims are being shared ..

Many mimes related to Indian Tooter are also being shared on micro-blogging website Twitter. It is being tried in most of the memes that it is a copy of Twitter.

Tooter is open source ..

According to the Tooter website, the platform is open source and inspired by the Mastodon project. Tooter's codebase is free and open source.

According to this website, Tooter is under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 (APGL3). According to the recorded details, users can manage it in their own way.

Tooter's Android is currently available on the Play Store. Tooter's app for iOS has not been released yet.